Welcome to The Coffee House

Where Christian homeschooling moms find community, support, and inspiration.

Why The Coffee House?

Coffee With Carrie Premium Membership brings together Christian homeschooling moms to participate in discussions, online workshops, and support circles. Members of The Coffee House gain even more access to encouragement, fellowship, and homeschooling content. When you join The Coffee House, your heart and coffee cup will always be full with help, hope, and inspiration.

The Encouragement You Crave

Our community, workshops, and resources are pretty special. We’re focused on helping you simplify your homeschooling while focusing on what is truly important.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of The Coffee House:

  • Engage in encouraging discussions and workshops, enriching your homeschooling experience.
  • Receive Christian encouragement, fortifying your ministry of motherhood and calling to homeschool.
  • Foster deep connections with like-minded Christian homeschooling moms for support and inspiration.
  • Gain access to resources that will help you homeschool simply and enjoyably.

When You Join Today

When you join The Coffee House today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Coffee With Carrie Online Workshops: Members can participate in live, online workshops led by Carrie and special guests. Members will also have access to the recordings of each workshop throughout the month and in the archives.  This allows for more flexibility, visual learning, and the ability to revisit content at your own pace.
  • Coffee and Conversation: Grab your cup of coffee and join Carrie and other homeschooling moms for a monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q & A Session.   Bring your questions and get ready to gab.  This is a great opportunity to build community with other homeschooling moms.  Glean insights and advice from Carrie and from other moms who are also on this homeschooling adventure. Monthly Coffee & Conversation sessions not only offer tips and advice, but also provide support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging within the community.
  • Curriculum Chats:  Need help teaching a particular subject?  Interested in a specific homeschooling method or style?  Then join the monthly LIVE Curriculum Chats.  Each month will focus on a different academic area or homeschool method.  Carrie and other moms share their favorite curriculums, resources, and activities to help you successfully teach and to help your child enjoy learning.  Links and lists to all of the monthly recommendations will also be posted and shared exclusively in The Coffee House.
  • Online Community Boards:  Connect with other homeschooling moms and build community through posts and online discussions.  In The Coffee House, share stories and post questions on the general homeschooling feed or in specific groups.  We have a unique space for moms homeschooling preschoolers, moms homeschooling high school, moms homeschooling a large family, moms homeschooling only one child, and moms homeschooling students with learning differences. 
  • Homeschool Resources: Access a variety of "grab & go" print-ready resources specifically tailored for busy homeschooling moms. Each month members have access to digital downloads to help you plan or teach.  Digital downloads vary and range from thematic lessons, seasonal devotionals, homeschool resources to curriculum and game recommendations and literature lists. 
  • Bible Study Resources:  Simple Bible study methods are shared in The Coffee House. Follow along "How To" Videos also come with practical Bible teachings that can be applied to your life, parenting, and homeschooling.  LIVE monthly Bible studies with Carrie and other homeschooling moms coming soon.
  • Exclusive Access to Just Breathe Audible Book:  The audible version of Carrie's book, Just Breathe (and Take a Sip of Coffee): Homeschool in Step with God, is only available in The Coffee House.  Carrie reads each chapter and includes extra thoughts and tips that are not available in the print form.  Each reading also includes action steps to help you simplify your homeschooling and to implement sabbath schooling into your schedules.   Chapters are dropped monthly.  If you enjoy Carrie's podcast, Coffee With Carrie Homeschool Podcast, you will love the audible version of her book.